Greetings from Munich

Radoslaw Kitel, a PhD student from the former Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery Group headed by Tad A. Holak, is continuing his internship in Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich, Germany. The internship is a part of scholarship within ETIUDA Programme awarded to Radek from National Science Center and affiliated to MCB (UMO-2017/24/T/NZ1/00272). 
The aim of the project is to decipher the role of Spire protein and its binding partner formin in the molecular mechanism of the actin nucleation. Radek is going to achieve this through the combination of various single molecule techniques, including TIRF microscopy, zero-mode waveguides and FCS. 
For the realization of this challenging task, Radek has chosen Fluorescence Application in Biology Group, headed by Prof. Don C. Lamb at the LMU. The group of Prof. Lamb has broad expertise in single molecule techniques and has been very productive in resolving biological problems during recent years, which resulted in papers in the top journals like Science, Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, Cell Reports and Nature Communications.

Actin Filaments growth observed with TIRF microscopy


Fluorescence Application in Biology Group