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Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology

Jagiellonian University

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Małopolskie Centrum Biotechnologii

We are an international post-graduate research institute of the Jagiellonian University. Our mission is to be a research centre of excellence with a world-wide reputation, operating across a continuum of  genes to protein to function to translational research.  Our goal is to progress world class research focused on host-microorganism-environment interactions, macromolecular interactions and cell-signaling.  We currently host 15 research groups led by Senior Group Leaders and Early Career Researchers with a broad expertise ranging from bionanoscience, structural biology, plant science, implantation and fertility and virology through data science and AI.  To enable us to maintain high-quality world-class research, we are regularly reviewed by our International Scientific Advisory Board. Our research is supported by core facilities in genomics, proteomics, structural biology and a GMP-cell bank serving internal needs, neighboring faculties and business. More details on how to access these facilities can be found here [link]

About 30% of our researchers, including Ph.D. students, are from abroad making MCB a vibrant international community with English as the operating language.  We host the Max Planck Group of Sebastian Glatt and will be opening a second Max Planck Group in spring 2023 through the Dioscuri initiative. To support our mission, we secure national and international funding and have several EMBO installation grant holders, participate actively in several European Horizon projects and have ERC funding.  We routinely secure national funds from research councils such as NCN, NCBiR and FNP.

One of our underlying principles is a focus on an open culture that enables sharing of space and equipment as well as a high level of mentoring, supporting group leaders and staff in building confidence and leadership skills.  This open culture is helping to support cross-group research and creating new areas of science.

We want to use our research to make a difference in the wider community at both the local and national level. We do this with the support and active partnership of the Jagiellonian University, City of Kraków, local and national governments.  To read more about this follow the links on our work on coronavirus [link].

If you are interested in joining our community, please check our regular job offers [link] or otherwise contact us on [link].

Contact Information

Address: ul. Gronostajowa 7A, 30-387 Kraków

Phone: +48 12 664 5369
Fax: +48 12 664 6902