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Distribution lists

Below is a list of distribution addresses for sending messages to specific user groups. 


If You should receive messages from any of the lists please send a message to helpdesk.mcb@uj.edu.pl. 

We encourage you to explore the possibilities and options for managing the mailing system on the website: https://mailing.uj.edu.pl/. There you can also find an archive of all messages previously sent. Please note, however, that managing your account will require you to create a separate login account based on your uj.edu.pl domain address - so we recommend using a different password.

PLEASE NOTE: Only authorised persons can send messages to our lists. All messages, must be approved by a moderator. If you would like to receive permissions, or add someone please send a message to helpdesk.mcb@uj.edu.pl.

NOTE: If sending a message is very urgent and outside standard working hours, please send SMS to: