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June 2022

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EUROBIOTECH - 8th Central European Congress of Life Sciences in Krakow

Date: 20.06.2022 - 22.06.2022
Place: EXPO, Galicyjska 9, 31-586 Kraków
EUROBIOTECH - 8th Central European Congress of Life Sciences in Krakow

Scientists from the Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology of the Jagiellonian University participated in the 8th EUROBIOTECH congress held in Krakow. Scientists presented lectures and were successful in winning poster prizes.

Tematy przewodnie konferencji

On 20-22 June, the eighth EuroBiotech was held in Krakow, which had been postponed from 2021 due to the pandemic. The topics covered important aspects of  biotechnology such as gene therapy and gene editing both for human therapy and sustainable plant production, vaccines as well as a summary of the current research on COVID-19.

Lectures by MCB JU scientists

During the conference, the following scientists from MCB JU gave their lectures. Dr Neli Kachamakova-Trojanowska from the Research Group of Molecular Mechanisms of Diseases - Possible molecular mechanisms related to the endothelial dysfunction in HNF1A-MODY. Dr hab. Rafał Mostowy ( from the Microbial Genomics Research Group - Genomic Patterns of co-evolution between bacterial surface polysaccharides and phage receptor-binding proteins. PhD student Haider Ali - Unrevealing post-transcriptional HIV-1 latency with MATR3 proteome.

Prof. Krzysztof Pyrć from the Virogenetics Lab MCB presented the closing lecture on COVID-19: drug development in the time of the pandemic, the problems of repositioning and designing drugs and effective therapies in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2.

Od lewej: Dr hab. Rafał Mostowy, Dr Neli Kachamakova-Trojanowska, Prof. Krzysztof Pyrć (fot.MCB UJ)

Prize and honorable mention for the Proteolysis and Post-translational Modification of Proteins Laboratory

At the Eurobiotech 2022 conference, posters from the Proteolysis and Post-translational Modification of Proteins Laboratory also won an award and an honourable mention. The authors of the posters are Dr Ewa Bielecka, MSc Natalia Zubrzycka, Dr Anna Maksylewicz and the leader of the Research Group, Dr Tomasz Kantyka. The results presented in the posters were conducted in collaboration with industry partner Wellnanopharm and looked at the effects of ursolic acid on in vitro models of psoriasis. Congratulations!

From left: MSc Natalia Zubrzycka, Dr Ewa Bielecka (fot.MCB UJ)

Posters, were presented in a special exhibition area dedicated to industry, technology transfer centres and academic research centres.  These provide space for  open dialogue, opportunities for for commercialisation and the ability to seek  practical solutions to specific problems, all of which enhance the possibility of effective collaboration between science and business.

Award - MSc Natalia Zubrzycka

Honorable mention - Dr Ewa Bielecka

EUROBIOTECH 2022 website: