Dr Anna Kula-Păcurar received a grant from NCN within the Sonata Bis scheme!

In this project dr Kula-Păcurar will try to develop a novel strategy to combat the HIV-1 virus. While the available antiretroviral drugs effectively inhibit replication of the virus and hamper the disease progression, they do not cure the patient. This is because the virus is able to hide in a latent form, invisible to our immune system and inviolable to the antivirals. For that reason dr Kula-Păcurar will try to wake up latent HIV, what will make it an easy target for a therapy. The study will improve our understanding of the HIV virus biology, but at the same time results will be very important for design of new, more potent “shock” protocols to purge the latent reservoir and potentially heal the patients in the future.

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