The new manuscript by Pyrc's ViroGenetics group in the Journal of Virology

The new manuscript by Krzysztof Pyrc's ViroGenetics group on entry of human coronavirus NL63 to the cell is accepted Journal of Virology! Briefly, using the most advanced 3D tissue culture system mimicking the human epithelium of conductive airways, we mapped HCoV-NL63 entry to susceptible cell. 
First, the virus binds to target cells by heparan sulfate proteoglycans, and interacts with the ACE2 protein. This interaction triggers recruitment of clathrin. Subsequent vesicle scission by dynamin results in virus internalization, and the newly formed vesicle passes the actin cortex, what requires active cytoskeleton rearrangement. Finally, acidification of the endosomal microenvironment is required for successful fusion and release of viral genome into the cytoplasm. Our data allow for better understanding of the infection process and may support development of novel treatment strategies.

The paper was published on 15th of November 2017 and may be found here:

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