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Institutional positions

Regular recruitment (5 openings; deadline mid-July 2021)

Go to the How to apply page to learn how to apply to the Doctoral Programme and get to the project.

Developmental Biology Laboratory

Prof. Grażyna Ptak
1) Project title:Characterization of the developmental potential of embryos and embryo-derived cell lines from blastocysts at various growth stages.

Project description: The project will concentrate on characterization of conceptuses and embryonic stem cells derived from blastocysts at various growth stages. We are seeking for a motivated Ph.D. candidate that is interested in developmental and cell biology. The student will perform wide range of developmental and cell biology techniques, embryo manipulations and culture, embryonic stem cells derivation, cell lines characterization, RNA and protein analysis, mouse surgeries, etc. The project is carried out in collaboration with University of Würzburg (Germany). International secondments will likely be available during the course of the project.

Protein Crystallography Research Group

Prof. Grzegorz Dubin / Dr. Anna Czarna
1) Project title:Structural biology of diabetic kinases

Project description: The project aims to discover new inhibitors for Dyrk kinase family kinases relevant in diabetes and to associate interaction partners involved in the beta cell proliferation and function. The project involves  protein biochemistry, biophysics, enzymology, X-ray crystallography, characterization of protein-protein interactions within the kinome and phospho-kinome and cell localization studies. The research is carried out in an international and national collaborations. We expect to better understand the mechanism of the proliferation and function of the beta cells and develop new set of inhibitors that would modulate their function for future pharmacological intervention.

Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory

Dr. Kenji Yamada
1) Project title:Gene Regulatory Mechanism for the Mustard Oil Bomb Defence System of ER Bodies in Brassicaceae

Project description: Plants have developed sophisticated defence systems to adapt to changes in the environment. Brassicaceae (cabbage) family plants produce unique subcellular structure, namely endoplasmic reticulum (ER) bodies, for chemical defence against animal herbivores. The successful candidate will join a project that aims to understand detailed molecular mechanisms for ER body-based defence system. The project includes analysis of transcriptional regulation for ER body formation, plant defence level with insect-plant or fungi-plant interaction assays, identification of new regulatory genes in the defence system, cell biological and physiological analysis of the defence system.

Further topics will be announced at a later time.