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Institutional positions

Grant recruitment (2 openings - deadline 22nd September 2021)

Go to the How to apply page to learn how to apply to the Doctoral Programme and get to the project.


Bionanoscience and Biochemistry Laboratory

Dr hab. Jonathan Heddle/ Dr. Dmitry Gilyarov
1) Project title: Understanding transmissible fluoroquinolone resistance
Project description: The PhD student will undertake the study of Mycobacterial (M.smegmatis/M.tuberculosis) enzymes and the basis of MfpA-mediated fluoroquinolone resistance, with the aim to ultimately design new drugs to treat TB. The PhD will work closely with technicians, post-doc and collaborators. The PhD will use structural biology (cryo-EM) and biochemistry methods.

Protein Crystallography Research Group

Prof. Grzegorz Dubin
1) Project title: Structural and functional characterization of peroxisomal protein transport system (PEX)
Project description: Peroxisomal transport system (PEX) translocates functional enzymes from the cytoplasm into the peroxisomes. Several dozen PEX proteins are involved in translocation of fully folded cargo enzymes through peroxisomal membrane, but this intriguing process is currently poorly understood at the mechanistic level, a topic of vivid current investigation. The project is carried out in collaboration with Helmholtz Centrum in Munich, Technical University in Munich, Bochum University and University of Warsaw.

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