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Grant positions

Grant funded positions (3 openings; deadline 1st October)

Go to the How to apply page to learn how to apply to the Doctoral Programme and get to the project.

Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory

Dr. Shino Goto-Yamada
Project title: molecular insight into the mechanism of micro-autophagy in land plants
Project description: Autophagy is now a popular keyword, but have you ever heard of "micro-autophagy"? The analysis of micro-autophagy in plants has just started in the world. We are looking for a student who can help us to understand the molecular mechanisms of micro-autophagy by using bioimaging, genetic and cell biology analysis in the model plant Arabidopsis.

Bionanoscience and Biochemistry Laboratory

Dr. Jonathan Heddle
1) Project title:  Extending the library of programmable protein cages
Project description: The successful candidate will work with a dedicated and motivated team working at the frontiers of protein nanoscience developing new protein structures based on our recent discoveries published in Nature ( You will develop and characterize new ways of programming protein cage structures ultimately building protein nanorobotics with potential applications in medicine and beyond.

ViroGenetics - BSL3 Laboratory of Virology

Dr. Anna Kula-Pacurar

1) Project title: Sonata Bis.
Project description: HIV/AIDS is still a frightening disease affecting almost 40 million people throughout the world. Existing anti-HIV treatment is potent but cannot fully eliminate the virus that hides away in cells in latent form. Fighting latency is therefore an ultimate goal to reach a cure. We are looking for an enthusiastic student who can help us to understand the newly identified molecular mechanism that contribute to latency and reactivation using mass spectrometry, molecular and cellular biology tools including new approaches such as third generation RNA FISH and CRISPR/Cas9.