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Grant positions

Grant funded positions (2 openings, deadline 21st June 2021)

Bionanoscience and Biochemistry Laboratory

Dr. Jonathan Heddle
1) Project title:  Extending the library of programmable protein cages
Project description: The successful candidate will work with a dedicated and motivated team working at the frontiers of protein nanoscience developing new protein structures based on our recent discoveries published in Nature ( You will develop and characterize new ways of programming protein cage structures ultimately building protein nanorobotics with potential applications in medicine and beyond.

Microbial Genomics Group

Dr hab. Rafał Mostowy

1) Project title: Examining the role of horizontal gene transfer in evolution of bacteriophages.
Project Description: The student will use a combination of computational approaches (genome informatics, phylogenetics, structural bioinformatics) to examine how horizontal gene transfer shapes bacteriophage genomes. The project will be based on large datasets of viral genomes, coming from different sources, infecting bacteria of Klebsiella pneumoniae and its closely related species. The successful candidate will be expected to develop new approaches based on phylogenetic reconciliation to reconcile phage evolution at different levels, from domains to proteins to genomes and populations.