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3-minute thesis contest

As a follow up of the 3-Minute thesis contest that was held in February in English at the Jagiellonian University, we have the pleasure to announce that one of our PhD students, Nour-el-hana Abbassi is competing in the French “Ma thèse en 180s” contest (My thesis in 180 s).

Poznamy mikrobiologiczny odcisk palca Krakowa podczas MetaSUB global City Sampling Day 22 czerwca

Do corocznej akcji MetaSUB global City Sampling Day (gCSD), zsynchronizowanej w jednym dniu na całym świecie, już 22 czerwca dołączy miasto Kraków. Akcja ma na celu zebranie wymazów z mikrobiologicznymi „odciskami palców” przestrzeni miejskiej z powierzchni użytkowych w otoczeniu transportu publicznego.

Mapping of pathogens and antibiotic resistance genes in a hospital reservoir

While disinfection is the key to infection control, colonization, and resistance patterns of hospital microorganisms remain underestimated. A new paper in Nature Medicine, with a contribution of Bioinformatics Group Leader - Prof. Paweł Łabaj as a MetaSUB consortium member, may underline the importance of describing clusters of antibiotic resistance in hospitals and define the feasibility of systematic research to focus resources on infection prevention.

Doctoral School in Biomedical Sciences - MCB offer

MCB is an international, research only, institute of the Jagiellonian University and is focused on delivering world class research in the areas of genomics, bioinformatics, cellular mechanisms, virology, plant biology and structural biology. The director and many of the group leaders are from abroad bringing a dynamic and truly international feel to the institute. Indeed over 25% of our current Ph.D. students are non-polish. The working language of the institute is English and we actively encourage applications to our doctoral school from abroad.