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SPIN - Malopolska Centers of Knowledge Transfer

SPIN - Malopolska Centers of Knowledge Transfer

Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology responds to requirements of micro and small enterprises located in Malopolska region interested in elaboration or implementation of innovative technologies within life science.




Malopolska Centers of Knowledge Transfer

Project SPIN is a proposal of a novel model of collaboration between scientists and entrepreneurs which enable commercialisation/implementation of research results within four technological areas.  The project will assist in the best use of Malopolska region potential by activities which will concentrate on building partnership and relations, as well as increase of reliance, communication and creation of information exchange forum.

Four technological areas are included in SPIN: intelligent energy networks, energy-efficient buildings, biotechnology and translation medicine. These areas are at the same time main specializations of Malopolska region.

On 1 September 2016, thanks to the project SPIN – Małopolskie Centra Transferu Wiedzy (Malopolska Centers of Knowledge Transfer) financed by the European Regional Development Fund, MCB appointed a team of experts whose task is to join potential of universities with needs of entrepreneurs. The project SPIN operates in Malopolska region.

Beneficiaries of SPIN are SMEs located in Malopolska. Services offered by SPIN are realised within de-minimis aid.

The offer of MCB is directed on biotechnology which is one of the key regional specializations within life science area.


Vision of Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology is to be a recognisable research unit renowned not only in Poland but also in Europe and in the world. Its aim is to do research on the highest world level and to collaborate actively with industry.

Mission of the MCB is to increase competitiveness and innovation of Polish enterprises by provide them with know-how and innovative technologies. Motto of MCB reflects its aim: MOVE THE MIND TO THE MARKET.

Cooperation contact:

Justyna Supel: phone: 510 008 331
Roland Kozłowski:

More information about SPIN you can find at: