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RECTOR of the Jagiellonian University announces a selection procedure for the position of an ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (1227.1101.42.2024)


The selection procedure is open for all individuals, who meet the requirements set out in Articles 113 and 116.2.3) of the Act of 20 July 2018 – Law on Higher Education and Science, and who meet the following eligibility criteria according to § 165 of the Statute of the Jagiellonian University:
• holding at least a doctoral degree;
• having relevant scientific achievements;
• taking active part in scientific life.

Additional requirements and expectations

An ideal candidate will: 
1. have at least 4-year experience in wet laboratory work, preferably involving cell and molecular biology;
2. have scientific background in one of the fields related to this project, e.g. molecular biology, cell biology, RNA biology, genomics, structural biology;
3. have experience in NGS data analysis or general bioinformatics or strong motivation to acquire it;
4. have experience in CRISPR/Cas9 technology (or willingness to acquire it);
5. have published at least one scientific article in a peer-reviewed journal as first author (If there is a special reason not to have a publication, e.g. long-term reviewing process, patent application, etc., please mention it in the application);
6. be highly motivated, independent at work and have a self-development attitude;
7. be able to work together with colleagues and collaborators as part of the team, to create an atmosphere of trust and respect;
8. be able to teach experimental techniques and scientific methodology to students;
9. have very good presentation skills and be proficient in spoken and written English;
10. fulfil requirements stemming from Regulations on awarding funding for research tasks funded by the National Science Centre as regards research projects, including:
a. obtained a doctoral degree in the year of employment in the project or in 7 years before January 1, 2023. (This period may be extended by the time spent on long-term (over 90 days) documented sickness benefits or rehabilitation benefits due to incapacity for work. In addition, this period may be extended by the number of months of leave related to the care and upbringing of children granted on the terms set out in the Labour Law, and in the case of women - by 18 months for each child born or adopted, if this method of indicating breaks in the scientific career is more favourable.),
b. obtained a doctoral degree in an entity other than Jagiellonian University, or completed at least 10-month, continuous and documented post-doctoral internship in an entity other than Jagiellonian University and in a country other than the country of obtaining the doctoral degree,
c. dr. Pabiś was not a supervisor or assistant supervisor of the candidate’s doctoral dissertation.

Unit: Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology
The deadline for submitting documents: 31.03.2024
Date of manufacture: 15.02.2024

Details of announcing in the attachment.