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Human Genome Variation Research Group

Group leader












Professor Wojciech Branicki
T: +4812 664 6111 

Team members





The HGVR Group focuses on genetic and epigenetic human genome variation defining phenotypic features and the influence of biological aging on phenotype progression. Development of high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies has opened up the possibility of studying human genome variation including DNA methylation on an enormous scale. Consequently, it enabled development of complex prediction tools based on analysis of large number of markers. The generated DNA variation data are used in mathematical modelling aimed at accurate risk assessment, prediction and prognosis in medical genetics, and predictive DNA analysis in forensics. The HGVR Group provides analyses that can be used to trace unknown individuals by DNA-based prediction of biogeographic ancestry, appearance traits and age.

Recently, HGVR Group’s scientific activity extends to metagenomics. The current research aims at developing new tools for identification of microbial patterns characteristic for different geolocations. Systems for predicting the origin of an unknown sample that include genetic test and computer program consisting of database of DNA sequences and mathematical algorithms for its efficient search are currently under development within one of the consortium project with the participation of the HGVR Group.

Future plans

The HGVR Group plans to continue working on predictive DNA analysis in forensics and anthropology by developing more accurate prediction models that shall combine information about ancestry, appearance and age. The group will extend the research on the use of microbiome for intelligence purposes and explore new areas of the influence of human genome variation of phenotypic features. 


NCBiR DOB-BIO10/06/01/2019 – PI: Ewelina Pośpiech (9 832 450 PLN, JU: 4 255 625 PLN)
NCBiR DOB-BIO10/03/01/2019 – PI: Wojciech Branicki (11 210 835 PLN, JU: 3 382 500 PLN)
UE H2020 no 740580; Topic: SEC-08-FCT-2016 Call: H2020-SEC-2016-2017 (SECURITY). PI: Wojciech Branicki (5 000 000 €, JU: 231 750 €)

Genomics Core Facility

The HGVR Group offers services in genomics, transcriptomics and forensic genetics. Please, see the offer of the core facility  – Genomics Core Facility.

Selected publications