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Structural Biology
Core Facility

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Structural Biology Core Facility

Structural Biology Core Facility

Structural Biology Core Facility provides state-of-the-art structural biology infrastructure for researchers working at the Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology as well as co-operation partners or researchers outside MCB (both form academia and the industry).



SBCF sets up and monitors crystallization trials at nano-liter scale to help structural biologists and other interested scientists to progress their work on structural characterization of the proteins and biological complexes of their interest. Proteins structure can be also determined with Cryo-Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM) and Single Particle Analysis (SPA).

Protein Crystallization Facility

To facilitate obtaining crystals suitable for X-ray diffraction studies, we would offer a wide range of crystallization services:

  • Initial screening – searching for the best crystallization conditions yielding protein mono-crystals. We routinely test over 1700 various conditions.
  • Additive screening – improving the initial conditions by use of additives (kosmotropic, chaotropic, salts and other additives).
  • Refinement screening – preparation of custom optimization screens based on conditions identified in sreening (or provided by the user).
  • Seeding - increasing the probability of crystal growth by adding nucleation points (Seed beads, ceramic beads, etc.).
  • Custom services
Cryo-EM Facility

At Structural Biology Core Facility we can help you with preparing your samples for cyro-EM measurments.

  • Sample preparation. We help with preparing pure and homogenous sample by depositing sample on a grid and rapid freezing.
  • Negative stain. A first step to evaluate the sample quality.
  • Project consulting. Let us help you with our expertise. Our staff is happy to share their knowledge.
  • Training. We can train users how to operate Vitrobot, so they can prepare their samples by themselves​.