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Kantyka Lab | Proteolysis and Post-translational Modification of Proteins

The essence of our research is the phenomenon of the formation of post-translational modifications

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Kantyka Lab | Proteolysis and Post-translational Modification of Proteins

Our scientific interests are focused on the posttranslational modifications (PTMs) of proteins and peptides, which coincide with infection, inflammation and development of civilization-related diseases.

Research objectives:

The underlying hypothesis is that PTMs impact the structure and activity of proteins and bioactive peptides. Our aim is to correlate PTMs with observed activity and structural changes in the pathophysiological context in the effort to delineate mechanisms of diseases development and to identify novel potential therapeutic targets. Although we focus on basic research, we always keep our sight on the pathophysiological importance of our findings and their applicability for translational developments.

Our efforts are orbit between three related subjects such as:

  • Human proteolytic enzymes in cell function regulation

Our research is concentrated on the analysis of human proteases – MMPs and kallikreins – involvement in cell and tissue function, development and progress of inflammation and their role in bacterial infections. We are focused on the epithelial tissue, which forms the first and arguably the most important barrier of defense against potentially deleterious external factors. Our research includes involvement of proteases in posttranslational processing of proteins during infection, wound healing, chronic inflammation and obesity.

  • Microbial proteases, their inhibitors and bacterial virulence factors

We aim of this group is to identify and analyze the bacterial virulence factors, which play a role in the development of the gum diseases. We are currently focused on the MMP activation during aspiration pneumon ia caused by oral microbiota. We are currently developing the research project to investigate the details of such activation. We are hoping, that this research will allow description of the novel mechanism of tissue degradation in bacterial lung infections and will translate to the into the new therapeutical strategies. This research is a broad collaboration with prof. Jan Potempa from nearby Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology of our University.

  • Posttranslational modifications in the inflammatory diseases

We investigate the biological function of peptides and proteins modified as a result of the inflammatory reaction associated with RA, periodontitis, aspiration pneumonia or Sjogren’s syndrome. Research aims include analysis on how citrullination and carbamylation impact the immune system components, including antibacterial peptides, proteolytic cascades, antibodies and ECM proteins, in context of the pathological conditions. In addition to the basic research, the group is interested in identification and characterization of novel biomarkers associated with early subclinical stages of diseases development. We are currently leading the international GRIEG project, funded under NORWAY GRANTS initiative. Our major Norwegian partner is  Piotr Mydel, PhD, who supervises the investigations at University of Bergen in Norway.

Research techniques and equipment:

As a whole, the research group has a broad experience in expression and purification of recombinant and native human and bacterial proteins, their biochemical characterization, PTM analysis, including effects on biological functions of peptides and proteins. The core of the laboratory machine park encompasses several FPLC and HPLC chromatography systems and microscale thermophoresis (MST) analyzers, including Monolith NT.115 and Monolith NT.FreeLabel (both from NanoTemper Technologies).


Our research embraces many collaborators, local (WBBiB UJ, Krakow University of Technology), national (Wroclaw university of Technology, Gdansk University) and international (Bremen, Barcelona, Aarhus, and many others), both academic and translational (Krakow University of Technology, WellnanoPharm) creating a truly interdisciplinary and international group very well linked, with high potentials to carry out ambitious research projects.

Research grants:

SONATA BIS: " Processing and posttranslational modifications of ghrelin - an appetite modulating peptide as the mechanistic link between prolonged inflammation, chronic bacterial infection and obesity development"

GRIEG: “Novel mechanisms of PAD activity regulation. Substrate specificity and activation of peptidyl arginine deiminase in the context of rheumatoid arthritis”

Tomasz Kantyka, PhD

Tomasz Kantyka, PhD

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Ewa Bielecka, PhD

Anna Maksylewicz, PhD

Łukasz Pijanowski, PhD

Grzegorz Bereta, PhD


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