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Date: 29-31.05.2023

Start time: 11:00

Place: Radocza Park Hotel, 1 Parkowa St., 34 -100 Radocza near Wadowice 

Organiser: Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology

Contact: Dr Anna Czarna, Dr Tomasz Kantyka, Dr Kenji Yamada

Summer School Plan

As Richard Price said: "Science is in a process of rebuilding and transformation. It will be an exciting process. The positive impact on society will be significant”. The faster science moves forward, the faster the world develops. Technological advances in recent years have completely changed the way the scientific society communicates, discovers, creates and connects different fields. During the 3rd MCB Summer School, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities of applying new technologies to the study of host-microorganism- environment,  macromolecular interactions and cell-signalling to make our work more interdisciplinary and explode with new information. Researchers at the Jagiellonian University's Małopolska Centre of Biotechnology are doing everything they can to ensure that the results of their work drive global innovation. Be part of the change!

Register today! The link to register is available below. Places are limited, and the event is entirely free to attend!

The event is open to employees and Ph.D. students of Malopolska Center of Biotechnology. Registration lasts until 31.03.2023.​

First-year Ph.D. students remember that you are obliged to participate in the poster session, while second-year Ph.D. students are obliged to participate in the flash talk.

Please send abstracts of your speeches and posters to: according to the provided template by 30.04.2023.

Poster proposal

Poster recommendations (word)

Poster recommendations (pdf)

Summer school abstract

All other participants are encouraged to attend the poster session!