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Competition for a DOCTORAL STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP in PROGRAMMABLE PROTEIN ENGINEERING (NCN Maestro – NZ) at the Bionanoscience and Biochemistry Laboratory

The bionanoscience and biochemistry laboratory is recruiting a doctoral student for a fully-funded position with a duration of up to four years. The successful candidate will work with a dedicated and motivated team working at the frontiers of protein nanoscience developing new protein structures based on our recent discoveries published in Nature ( You will develop and characterize new ways of programming protein cage structures ultimately building protein nanorobotics with potential applications in medicine and beyond. You will learn relevant techniques of protein production and design as well as structural biology techniques, particularly cryo-EM. You will also have the opportunity to learn computational protein design.

Who can apply
The ideal candidate should fulfill the following criteria:
● Possess master, master of engineer or equivalent degree in molecular biology, structural biology, biochemistry or related areas.
● Be motivated to study protein bionanoscience.
● Have excellent written and oral communication skills in English.
● Have good skills of work management and experimental record keeping.
● Able to work across disciplines and be willing to gain expertise in new areas.
● Able to work collaboratively

Registration to Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences is required to be accepted for a position, for more information please visit the webpage:

Our offer
● Attractive student scholarship for up to 48 months
● Professional supervision and mentorship throughout your PhD studies
● Dedicated laboratory space, office space and cutting edge experimental equipment necessary to carry out the project at the highest level
● Opportunity to become a valued member of an ambitious international team
● Opportunity to present your work at international conferences
● Prospect of collaboration with a promising start-up company in a closely related area of bionanoscience
Competition commencement date: September 17th 2020
Applications can be filed till: Noon (CEST) on October 1st 2020
Entrance exams: October 8th
Notification of results: October 12th
Position start date: On or soon after October 19th 2020
Date of manufacture: September 17th 2020
Details of the competion in the attachment.