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Connecting Nanoscale Protein Cages – Progress Towards New Drug Delivery Systems and Vaccines


Rare and interesting posttranslational modification - hypusine

Structural Biologists from MCB, Elżbieta Wątor and Piotr Wilk led by Przemysław Grudnik revealed the structural basis underlying the mechanism of substrate recognition during the first step of hypusination, the most unique post-translational modification. Their work may have an impact on future drug design to treat cancer and neurodegeneration.

START scholarships for MCB researchers

We are delighted to announce that two of our researchers have been successful in gaining one of the oldest and most prestigious scholarships from The Foundation For Polish Science - START. Katarzyna Owczarek and Rościsław Krutyhołowa have been awarded the scholarships in recognition of their past achievements and to support further scientific development.

Opus 18, Preludium 18 and Sonata 15 grants at MCB

NCN (Narodowe Centrum Nauki) has just announced the results of the regular call for proposals for their flagship grants. This time 9 scientists from MCB were granted money for their basic research in OPUS18, PRELUDIUM18 and SONATA15 grants. We are especially proud, that our researchers with their excellent research projects came very high in the ranking lists.