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Dubin Lab | Protein Crystallography

Dubin Lab | Protein Crystallography

X-ray crystallography allows to determine structures of biological macromolecules with atomic resolution, providing unparalleled insight into structure-function relationships.




Scope of research

The Protein Crystallography Research Group lead by Grzegorz Dubin focuses on determination, interpretation and understanding of X-ray structures of biological molecules involved in:

  • cancer,
  • diabetes
  • transmembrane protein transport.

We also provide expertise in collaborative undertakings in multiple areas of basic and applied research.

We are primarily interesting study in interactions of proteins and proteins and low molecular weight substances within the subject of carcinogenesis and bacterial pathogenesis. Currently were realize our own projects involving structural characterization of kinases of essential role cancer, p53 pathway, bacterial proteases of unknown catalytic mechanism and staphylococcal proteases. In parallel to the crystallographic studies we also develop aptamer selection techniques (especially single-stranded DNA) against targets of importance in cancer. In addition to our own research, we are also involved in broad scientific collaboration and cooperation with the industry on other subjects whenever problem scan be solved by X-ray crystallography of proteins. We invite anyone interested in collaboration.

Research methodology and specialized equipment

The X-ray Crystallography Laboratory of MCB has extensive experience in solving protein structures and the structures of complexes. The primary laboratory equipment consists of an X-ray diffractometer (RigakuMicroMax-007 HF) with CCD and IP detectors. Crystallization screening is carried out using an automatic pipetting station (Phoenix RE). Laboratory is also exceptionally well equipped for expression, purification and analysis of proteins.

Research grants and other funding

2021-2025 National Centre of Science, Poland
Structural insight into the peroxisomal protein import - the PEX translocon

2019-2023 National Agency for Scientific Exchange, Poland
Novel approaches for diabetes management by combination of inhibition of DYRK1A kinase and stem cells application

2018-2021 National Centre of Science, Poland
Characterization of Trypanosoma cruzi PEX5 as a promising target in Chagas disease.

2018-2020 National Centre of Science, Poland
Structural and functional analysis of immune checkpoints.

2014-2018 National Centre of Science, Poland
Intermediate protein states in the design of low molecular weight inhibitors of protein-protein interaction.

2013-2017 National Centre of Science, Poland
Extracellular proteolytic activity of human epithelium - role in modulation of signal transduction.

2013-2016 National Centre of Science, Poland
New kinases of important role in cancer - structural characterization.

2011-2015 National Centre of Science, Poland
Structural studies on proteases of unknown catalytic mechanism. Development of unique team of researchers focused on structural studies at the Jagiellonian University and at the Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology

2011-2012 Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Poland
Structural characterization of a novel bacterial protease

2012 Biotechnology company
Characterization of biosimilars

2010-2013 National Centre of Research and Development, Poland
Anticancer therapy of the future – a search for low-molecular-weight activators of p53 pathway

2000s Pharmaceutical company
A drug discovery project

2008-2010 Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Poland
Towards a consistent picture of extracellular proteolytic activity of Staphylococcus aureus – characterization of the role of Spl proteases and epidermolytic toxins.

2007-2014 European Union and Polish Government
Malopolskie Center for Biotechnology (MCB) (subtask – X-ray Crystallography Laboratory)

2007-2009 National Centre of Research and Development, Poland
Technical Initiative I – Expression platform for recombinant proteins in the Gram positive bacteria.

2007 Foundation for Polish Science, Poland
Expansion of scientific potential of the Protein Crystallization Laboratory at the Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology of the Jagiellonian University

2005-2007 Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Poland
Characterization of Spl proteases of Staphylococcus aureus.

2006 European Social Fund and Polish Government
Characterization of Staphylococcal Spl proteases. Protein Crystallization Laboratory.

2002-2005 European Commission (Archimedes Prize 2002)
Natural, specific inhibitors of Staphylococcal proteases – new treatments for bacterial infections.

Prof. dr hab. Grzegorz Dubin

Prof. dr hab. Grzegorz Dubin

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Stuti Patel


PhD students:

Oskar Lipiński

Artur Blat

Tabassum Sood