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Leader | Max Planck Research Group

dr hab. Sebastian Glatt

dr hab. Sebastian Glatt

Leader of the Max Planck Research Group at the Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology at Jagiellonian University


Sebastian Glatt studied at the University of Vienna and did his PhD in the pharmaceutical industry. In 2008, he joined the SCB unit at EMBL Heidelberg as a postdoc. There he transformed from a pure cell biologist into a protein biochemist, crystallographer, and electron microscopist. Since September 2015, he leads his own independent Max Planck Research Group at the MCB in Krakow. He established and maintained fruitful scientific collaborations with leading labs around the world. His work got published in the most prestigious scientific journals (e.g. Nature, Cell, Nature Structural Molecular Biology, EMBO Journal) and he has received several prestigious prize and grants. The list includes the ERC Consolidator grant 2020, the NCN Prize 2021 (LS), the EMBO Installation grant, the Krakow City Prize as well as several grants from FNP and NCN. He is not only leading an international research team, but he is also deputy director of science at MCB and head of the “National Cryo-EM facility“ at the SOLARIS National Synchrotron Radiation Centre in Krakow.

Throughout my whole career, I was fascinated how our body manages to produce a specific set of proteins, at the right time and in the right cellular context. Our current work aims to shed light on the fundamental cellular mechanisms that make this possible. By determining the three-dimensional structure of key players at atomic resolution, we can understand how these protein complexes work and what goes wrong with them during disease.

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