Contest for the positions of Research Assistant (Postdoctoral Researcher) in the Laboratory of Stem Cell Biotechnology (LSCB)

Rector  of the Jagiellonian University announces a contest for the position  of Research Assistant (Postdoctoral Researcher)in the Laboratory of Stem Cell Biotechnology (LSCB) headed by Prof. Ewa Zuba-Surma at MAŁOPOLSKA CENTRE OF BIOTECHNOLOGY Employment within the project STRATEGMED (NCBR): "Development of optimized methods for treatment of tissue injuries based on innovative composites and mesenchymal stem cells and their derivatives in patients with civilization diseases" (BioMiStem)
Eligible contestants must meet the requirements in art. 109, which was established in 27.07.2005 followed by the Law on Higher Education (Dz. U. nr 164, poz. 1365, z późn. zm.) and meet the following qualification criteria:
1) hold a scientific degree,
2) His/her degree dissertation should be evaluated with high score,
3) have appropriate scientific achievements including significant publications,
4) actively participate in scientific activities including conferences and symposia,
5) have at least one positive reference of a previous mentor regarding his/ her qualifications and scientific work.
Ideal Candidate for this position should:
1) hold a PhD degree in biological or medical sciences in the area of medical biology/ biotechnology or related - obtained within past 5 years (excluding any breaks in the scientific career such as e.g. maternal leave);
2) have practical experience in the laboratory work including cell biology and especially molecular biology fields supported by publication record, certificates, etc.;
3) have practical experience in the following methods of molecular biology: DNA, RNA, miRNA isolation, various PCR reactions, multilevel genetic analyzes, gene expression analyzes on mRNA and protein levels, analysis of signaling pathways on molecular level;
4) have practical experience in genetic cell modifications and gene modifications with employing techniques of cell transfection, transduction and gene editing;
5) have a basic experience in cell culture methods in vitro and cell function evaluation in vitro;
6) have good written and oral communication skills in English.
Additional experience in methods related to isolation and characterization of extracellular vesicles (EVs) will be appreciated.
Candidates submit the following documents (in English) to the Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology office, Krakow, Gronostajowa St. 7A, room 3/12 or electronically in the pdf format (max size: 50 MB) by email to: 
1) Motivation letter and CV, 
2) A personal questionnaire, 
3) A copy of a doctoral degree,
4) List of publications and other scientific achievements,
5) Reference letter from a former academic supervisor,
6) Contact details of a minimum of two referees including a former academic supervisor,
7) A statement that Jagiellonian University will the be the primary workplace in the case of being hired,
8) A statement pursuant to art.109 item 1 of the Law of Higher Education,
9) A statement of knowledge and acceptance of the rules on intellectual property and legal protection of intellectual property.
Forms for points 2 and 7-9 can be downloaded from - (for information only).
The deadline for submitting applications is 31.03.2018. The outcome of the contest will take place on 10.04.2018. 
The application form also must include: "I hereby authorize you to process my personal data included in my job application for the needs of the recruitment process" (in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data, Dz.U. z 2015, poz. 2135, as amended).
On behalf of 
the Rector of the Jagiellonian University
prof. dr hab. Kazimierz Strzałka 
Director of Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology 
Published Date: 09.02.2018
Published by: Paweł Dudek