Contest for the positions of PhD Student in the Developmental Biology Laboratory group at the MAŁOPOLSKA CENTRE OF BIOTECHNOLOGY

Rector of the Jagiellonian University announces a contest for the positions of PhD Student in the Developmental Biology Laboratory group at the MAŁOPOLSKA CENTRE OF BIOTECHNOLOGY.

We are interested in understanding mechanisms underlying early developmental event such as embryo implantation We are now recruiting a Postdoctoral scientist to join our new team working to study the mechanism of Embryonic Diapause. The project offers the opportunity to gain experience in experimental embryology. We employ sophisticated Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART) procedures and various molecular and structural biology methods. The position offers the chance to work in a dynamic, international team. PhD or Master student will be involved in one or more following tasks:
-    Lipid analysis in oocytes and blastocysts from various mammalian species or mouse strains by CARS microscopy, DESI or MALDI spectroscopy
-    Ultrastructural (TEM) analysis of oocytes and embryos
-    Preparation of animals – surgery – vasectomy, ovariectomy, embryo and oocytes collection, embryo transfer to recipient females

You can find more information about our work from the following website:
The ideal candidate should:
1)    Have a strong expertise in microscopy, cell biology and/or experimental embryology
2)    Have good written and oral communication skills in English
3)    Show a good level of independence, self-motivation and reliability
4)    Enjoy working in a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary environment
5)    Experience in working with animals


Position: PhD Student
Unit: Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology
The deadline for submitting documents: 26.01.2018
Date of manufacture: 05.01.2018

Details of announcing in the attachment.

Published Date: 05.01.2018
Published by: Paweł Dudek